I have a new body with curves and a completely flat tummy

Cali Magic

I am 44 years old, I weighed about 168 at surgery, I am from NYC and I traveled to Cali in August 2017 to do plastic surgery with Dr. Cuadros. He is an amazing doctor! He listens to what areas of your body you really want to concentrate on.He made me feel like very comfortable and well informed about the whole process, which made me less nervous. I have a new body with curves and a completely flat tummy. He removed about a total of 6 kg of fat (13.2pds!!!) from my back, tummy and thighs and that was injected for my butt lift. I actually have a nice round butt now and don't have to hide behind extra clothes!!! The healing process took about 3 solid weeks, and I am continuing to watch my body improve as the swelling is still going down. My surgery went smoothly and Dr. Cuadros even performed a technique to tighten my ab muscles to give my abs that athletic look (I think it's called ab etching) and a fat transfer for my facial lines and my upper lip, so I came home looking younger too with nice full lips and no smile lines. I could not be happier with my results. For me this surgery wasn't just about reducing my size, it was about my proportions. I wanted to have the hourglass figure and even after losing 40 pounds and much exercising, I could not achieve that due to genetics. Thanks to Dr. Cuadros I now have my hourglass shape because he sculpted me in a way that the gym and diet could never do. Thank you Dr. Cuadros for my new lease on life!!!

Hi Cali Magic! I'm very thankful for your…

Dr. César Cuadros Serrano

Hi Cali Magic!
I'm very thankful for your message. We were very happy to have you here in Colombia and making of it such a great life experience. We hope you continue having an excellent recovery process. Best regards!
Dr. Cuadros

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