Step 1: Login to Estheticon, hover your cursor over your avatar on the top right corner of the screen and then click on DASHBOARD link.

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Step 2: In Marketing tools box click on Social networks link.


Step 3: In Social box enable Facebok sharing.


Step 4: Use the pop-up window to login to your Facebook account.


Step 5: On the next page confirm by clicking OK.


Step 6: Now the tricky part! On the following page you need to change setting from Friends to Public. Confirm by clicking OK.


Step 7: On the next page click OK once again.


Step 8: Now you succesfully completed connecting your Facebook and Estheticon accounts. You should see the following text:


Step 9: When posting on Estheticon, you can now choose whether a post is also shared on your Facebook profile. If you are managing multiple Facebook pages, select on which Facebook page you would like the post to be shared.

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Step 10: Similarly, you can share recommendations from your patients.

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